Why Plathville Fans Think Kim’s Dance Studio Will Fail


Kim Plath’s studio that she opened in Welcome To Plathville season 4 has been labeled a business likely to fail by fans of the reality show.

Welcome to Plathville Matriarch Kim Plath recently opened a dance studio in Cairo, Georgia, but some fans of the reality show believe Kim’s studio isn’t built for success. Kim has always had a passion for dancing, and she took that passion even further when she opened her own dance studio. However, some viewers believe that Kim cannot run a successful business, which will eventually cause her dance studio to fail.

Welcome to Plathville Season 4 came with a lot of new surprises, especially when it came to Kim. She seems to have undergone a complete transformation and is no longer the person everyone thought she was. Now Kim seems to be a lot freer, wearing more revealing clothes and focusing on other things outside of being a mother or a wife. Throughout the Welcome to Plathville series, viewers saw Kim, who fans call a hypocrite, teaching her children various dance forms. Now Kim has opened her own adult dance studio called Grady Central Dance Studio. Her studio offers multiple dance classes, from ballet to belly dancing to self-defense.


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Sometimes passion alone isn’t enough to guarantee a successful business, and Kim just might experience that first hand. Some Welcome to Plathville Fans understood how Kim was struggling to run her dance studio recently, and they took to social media to voice their opinions on how Kim’s dance studio will ultimately fail. According to Reddit user Capital_Print_2460, Kim doesn’t make a lot of money from her studio. Since her relationship with her husband and Welcome to Plathville Teammate Barry Plath has been on the rocks for most of the season, it’s hard to imagine where his next paycheck will come from if they end up divorcing. “She barely makes any money there. What will she make for income when she and Barry divorce“, they added. Another Reddit user, DOG-DEAD-DRUNK, thinks it’s only a matter of time before Kim’s dance studio goes bankrupt. “This dance studio is going bankrupt next year.,” they said.

Not only do Welcome to Platville fans believe that Kim’s studio is struggling financially, but some people also believe that Kim’s dance studio lacks proper planning and organization, which could ultimately lead to her studio closing. Starting with the fact that Kim, who is winning fans with her vulnerability, doesn’t have a professional license to teach dance, and few people are willing to take dance lessons with her. Plus, Kim’s studio has a non-existent online presence, with terrible photos that don’t describe what her studio has to offer. As fellow Redditor Gretti68 said, “I worked for a dance studio for a few years, and the business side is exhausting. The studio can only be open for a few hours a day as the children are at school. Not to mention that Kim confuses being flexible with being a ballerina. I give it a year, at best.”

Kim may currently be in full control of a lot of things going on in her life, but the Welcome to Plathville star doesn’t seem to be in control of her business. A passion-turned-business venture can be good if run well, but it’s obvious Kim hasn’t realized that yet. This coming year will be a turning point in Kim’s life, and her decisions will make or break her.

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