Teatro Círculo will continue BIPOC’s affordable rehearsal rental program


Teatro Círculo, one of New York’s leading bilingual Latino theater companies, prioritizes artists and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous & People of Color) performing arts entities with its affordable BIPOC rehearsal rental program offering a minimum of 1,000 hours of discounted rental to artists and entities across NYC, for $10/hour in his 3rd floor studio at 64 East 4th Street in Manhattan, between Bowery and Second Avenue.

Teatro Círculo believes that an accessible rehearsal space for creative performing arts can provide a vision and advocacy platform for anti-racism, fair funding and structural support for culturally specific performers and groups At New York.

Through this program, Teatro Círculo has provided a safe, fully equipped and affordable space where emerging BIPOC actors, directors, writers, designers, dancers and performance artists are encouraged to think and create BIG.

To reserve your space, visit the Teatro Círculo rental page

To connect with Teatro Círculo through social media, follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

For more information, visit the Teatro Círculo website.


BIPOC’s Affordable Rehearsal Rental Program is made possible in part by a Special Opportunity Grant from the New York State Council for the Arts (NYSCA) and Governor Kathy Hochul.


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