‘sMothered’ Season 4: Who are Kathy Crispino and Cristina Bertolli? Meet the mother and daughter who go by the name “Mamma Mia” duo


For longtime fans of TLC’s “sMothered,” the return of season 4 marks the arrival of new mother-daughter duos, some familiar and of course, plenty of drama. While being close to your mother is certainly a blessing, the series often sees their pairings going above and beyond, explaining how overbearing, confusing, and downright weird mother-daughter relationships can get.

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Who are Kathy Crispino and Cristina Bertolli?

Kathy and Cristina, who call themselves the “Mamma Mia” duo, were first introduced to fans in Season 1. The Chicago natives have been a staple on the show ever since, with the mother-daughter duo doing it all. together, until dressing the same. Although they maintain a low profile online regarding their lives, Cristina was a former dance teacher at Turning Point Dance Studio and studied business administration at Dominican University. Cristina’s father and Kathy’s husband, Joseph Michael Crispino, died aged 76 in 2019. Cristina’s husband, Carlo, owns Betrolli’s Pizza in River Forest, Illinois. Unlike most couples on the show, Kathy and Carlo get along quite well.


In a conversation with Chicago Grandstand, Kathy Crispino has maintained that she sees nothing wrong with her relationship with her daughter. “People want to see their husbands every day, why wouldn’t they want to see their children every day?” crispino said. “I don’t like the feeling that there’s something wrong. There is nothing wrong with that. There’s nothing weird about that. This is how we live. We’re just really close, and I don’t understand why people think it’s so weird for mothers to be so close to their daughters. I hope people will understand (from the show) that it’s not that crazy. Maybe that’s how it should be. she added.


What can fans expect from Season 4?

According to the biography of the duo in the upcoming season — “Cristina and Kathy are still in each other’s business, especially now that Cristina has moved five to four houses down the street from her mother. With the pizzeria of Carlo finally on his feet, Kathy can’t wait to have Cristina all to herself again, but when Carlo announces he’s determined to grow his business, a jealous Kathy worries that the new venture will start monopolizing her daughter’s time again. . , Kathy pushes Cristina into a heated confrontation with her husband, who insists that her mother keep her nose out of her business.”


Season 4 of ‘sMothered’ returns to TLC on Monday, August 8 at 9 p.m. ET/PT



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