Pole dance teacher for ‘children’ married to convicted sex offender sparks outrage


The controversy over the sexualization of children was reignited after an advertisement for child-friendly pole dance classes went viral. As the story unfolded, it emerged that the course instructor was married to a man previously convicted of child sex offenses.

The ad began circulating on Thursday, Oct. 7 from an Indiana-based company promoting pole dancing lessons for children. Tiff’s Pole Fitness, located in Jasper, Indiana, originally offered pole fitness classes for adults. A class schedule that has since emerged on social media described some of the offerings that had distinctly sexualized themes, including one titled “flirty flow.” However, the problem arose when online detectives noticed that some classes were aimed at minors, the Post Millenial reported.


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The social media storm started earlier this week when Tiff’s posted an informational graphic of its Facebook post fitness classes for kids ages 7 to 12. The ad featured a Disney princess’s artwork from the popular children’s film “Tangled” hanging from a vertical pole. A disclaimer on the side of the poster read: “No worries … your child will only learn pole sports techniques appropriate for their age.” However, this post contradicted Tiff’s Facebook page, in which an article stated that they are “now offering children ages 7 to 12 extra poles and flirting lessons!”

Tiff’s posted an informational graphic about their fitness classes on their Facebook post for kids ages 7 to 12. (Facebook / Tiff’s Pole Fitness)

There has been considerable outcry and concern on social media, with many criticizing the concept because of its commonly perceived sexual overtones.

“We might have to shut down the company and turn it back on. I think it’s broken,” journalist Cassandra Fairbanks tweeted, sharing a graphic of the ad.

“Children always have help to ruin their lives. Like moms pushing them to pole dance,” columnist Marina Medvin tweeted.

“I checked, and it’s a real deal. They advertise regular ‘pole sport’ to girls 13 and over, and pile dance to kids up to 6 and over. there are comments in favor of “pole sports” from women. Because if women sexualize children THAT IS OK, ISN’T? ” one Twitter user noted.

In the aftermath, owner Tiffany Huebner quickly deleted the post and replaced it with an attempt to provide clarity and rationale for the lessons. “I know it will take time for everyone to let go of the stigma of ‘this is a stripper pole’ …” she wrote, sharing the video of a young girl from 11 years old from Eastern Europe performing in a “sports pole” competition. The video is from Russian instructor Kristian Lebedev’s YouTube channel, who is popular for his kid-focused “pole fitness” movement.

But Tiffany’s attempts to justify the classes were not well received, prompting her to take down the company’s Facebook page altogether. One of the last posts posted by Tiffs Pole Fitness Inc. was about deleting posts. “I deleted one of my recent posts because the shares and views have extended far beyond our community and region. I didn’t expect this to start going viral. and I want to protect the privacy of my students and our small community, “she wrote.

However, an unexpected development in the story sent shockwaves through social media. A criminal record search conducted by TruthFinder revealed that Tiffany’s husband was convicted in 2009 of child sex offenses. Maxwell Garrett Huebner was charged on March 11, 2009 with sexual misconduct with a minor. He was convicted of an offense under Indiana code 35-42-4-9 – a sex offense against a minor under the age of 16, but at least 14 years of age. According to 4W, Huebner would be around 21 when he committed the crime.

“So the husband of the woman who offers KID’s POLE DANCING is a REGISTERED SEXUAL OFFENDER ?! 6 YEARS?

“What is happening in our country? As a society, we have to be very suspicious of the type of adults who would plan and market a pole dance class for children. Learning the criminal history (sex offender?) Of her spouse explains a lot. Extremely disturbing !! ”another intervened.

According to a Dubois County Marriage License Registry, Maxwell and Tiffany got married in September 2019, just months after Maxwell’s ten-year term on Indiana’s sex and violent offender registry ended. That said, it is not known if Maxwell was involved in the children’s classes run by his wife. According to the Indiana Companies Registry, Tiff’s Pole Fitness is offered at the same address where Maxwell Huebner is claimed to reside. Meanwhile, photos from Facebook show the two Huebners in what appears to be a pole dance studio, 4W reported.

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